What We Do

Logixal is an application software services company specializing in eCommerce, eBanking and eInsurance domains. We provide omni channel solutions for Retail, Luxury Goods, Financial Services, Media, Publishing, Telecom and Subscription Model based businesses.

Oracle Commerce Implementations

Oracle Commerce Implementations

  • Align with the business goals and provide the right implementation strategy
  • Multiple brands/sites on a single platform
  • B2C/B2B platform providing rich experience of consumer commerce
  • Quick ROI using Endeca first approach
  • Web Center Sites
  • Siebel integrated platform
Commerce Re-platforming & Upgrades

Commerce Re-platforming & Upgrades

  • Technology stack upgrades within time and/or cost constraints
  • Replatform objectives
    • A delightful customer experience
    • Control to merchandisers
    • Simplicity on technology platform supporting multiple devices
  • Leverage accelerators like market place accelator
  • Risk-free upgrades and smoother migration
Strategic Services & E-Commerce Consulting

Strategy eCommerce Consulting

  • Implementation audits and performance engagements
  • Mobile and Social Strategies
  • Solution to sustain unseen traffic volumes, scalability & extendibility needs
  • End to end Project/Program Management services
Business Operations & Support

Business Operations & Support

  • The right partner for support & maintanence activities
  • Technical Support - L2 / L3 Support across ATG, Endeca and various third party integrations
  • Operational Support - Proactive assistance on merchandising activties, site personalizations, catalog, product, pricing & inventory automation
  • Content targeting based on relevancy
  • Deployment of new features and enhancement patches

Fast Track Oracle Commerce Solution Journey

Ensuring minimum time to market with right strategy and right technology orchestration !

Ecommerce go to market strategy

A comprehensive overall strategic roadmap around the following key drivers and growth enablers

  • Business drivers & target Markets
  • Business & competitive strategy
  • Innovation dynamics & models
  • Rapid prototyping of catalog
  • Campaigns, promotions & pricing Model
  • Actionable insights right at the front
  • Service innovation and service quality

Accelerator based platform

Accelerators to

  • Leverage pre-built features
  • Adhere to industry best practices
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Wider integration options
  • Provide quicker Go-Live
  • Scalable and extendable architecture
  • Ease of CRM & ERP integrations
  • Site merchandising & personalization
  • Engaging customer experiences

Intelligent customer experience

  • Enriched experience across touch points
  • Engaging customers through personalization
  • Intelligent consumption of analytic insights
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Relevancy based targeting
  • Intuitive & guided search
  • Leveraging social preferences and emotions

Business operations

  • Build & test automation
  • Catalog management toolkit
  • Performance handbook
  • Customer service features
  • Holiday/Spikes readiness
  • Merchandising support
  • Engaging customer experiences
  • Custom enhancements based on needs

Our Accelerators

LogiStore - B2C

  • Prebuilt Payment Integrations
  • Social Login and Preferences
  • Personalization features of ATG and Endeca Search
  • Prebuilt Integration with Oracle Web Center Sites
  • SEO Friendly URL's
  • Google Analytics/Omniture Integration
  • Siebel CRM Integration Capabilities

LogiStore - B2B

  • Account Management Targeted Features for Merchants, Admins, Buyers and Approvers
  • Manage Business Units
  • Manage Credit Limits
  • Manage Orders, Returns
  • Quotes

Banking accelerator packs

  • Generic Banking requirements identified in Pakistan region and have been bundled as a ready to deliver accelerator across Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking.
  • Seychelles Electronic Funds Transfer System Interface integration between Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Solution and Central Bank of Seychelles for Inter-Bank Funds Transfer.
  • ASYCUDA World Interface to integrate Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking with Zambian Revenue Authority for customs tax payment.
  • VASCO Interface to implement two-factor authentication within Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking.
  • Data migration tool for Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking.

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