ATG eCommerce Solutions

Logixal provides customised solutions to assist companies with end to end implementation of the Oracle ATG Commerce Platforms across multiple channels. We also review existing installations of Oracle ATG Commerce platform to provide recommendations and upgrade options.



End to End Implementation - We specialize in delivering end to end implementation solutions of the Oracle ATG Commerce Platforms across multiple channels and possess expertise in

  • Customizing the Commerce Reference Store to make the website confirm to customer needs and standards
  • Customizing Merchandizing/Content Administration to allow for customized product catalogs, promotions and order management
  • Customizing and configuring Faceted Search to allow users to search and browse the site in different ways and also place orders for items straight from the search results
  • Setting up Multi-Site configurations of the platform to have multiple independent commerce sites operating off the same platform and a partitioned product catalog
  • Building integrations with various external enterprise applications including, but not limited to, marketplaces such as Channel Advisor, newEgg etc, Payment Gateways such as Paypal, Google Checkout etc, and order fulfilment systems such as SAP.

Platform Performance Optimization – We also conduct reviews of existing installations of the Oracle ATG Commerce platform to provide and implement recommendations about various best practices that can be used to improve performance of the installed platform.

Platform Upgrade – We provide services to upgrade ATG Commerce platforms and have experience of migrating Oracle ATG Commerce platforms ranging from ATG 2007.1 to the latest Oracle ATG Commerce 10 offering.

Holiday and S.W.A.T Support – We provide specialized support to help build, customize and maintain an entire platform installation for the holiday season to help withstand the increased footfalls and user clicks and keep the platform functioning smoothly.